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Custom clearance procedure in Nepal

Custom clearance procedure in Nepal

Before goods can be imported or exported internationally, customs clearance is required. If a shipment is cleared, the shipper must provide documentation confirming the payment of customs duties before the shipment can be processed.

Because Nepal is a landlocked country with no direct access to the sea, the only options for export and import are air cargo or road transportation. Roadways take far too long, making timely export/import of goods to other countries nearly impossible. So, the only option left is Airways, and the best Air cargo option you'll find is with us. Work with us, and we won't let you down. Customs clearance procedures can be inconvenient at times, but Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has simplified them for your convenience.


Since, Customs Clearance is a governmental issue, you'll need to establish a working relationship with the government and assume various responsibilities. Every country's import Customs Clearance procedure is nearly identical. The Ministry of Finance oversees the Department of Customs Clearance. It is in charge of collecting customs duties, improving trade facilitation, and so on. The Department of Customs in Nepal issues an export, EXIM code, also known as an import code, to all exporters and importers. The best thing about us is that we've figured it all out and are ready to go to work for you.

Cost of Custom Clearance

The Forwarder or Customs Broker is responsible for the customs clearance fees. Customs fees are levied either at the point of origin or at the point of destination. The fees paid to cover the costs of preparing and submitting CBP Customs Entry documentation. Goods inspections are likely to be carried out in order to protect national health, safety, and security.

Most common customs-related issues:

  • Misclassification.
  • Duties are higher than expected.
  • The shipment will not be cleared by the customs office for delivery to your buyer/importer.
  • Invoking health, sanitary, or safety concerns at the Customs office.
  • Issues with labeling such as a certificate of origin, weight, ingredients, marks, and so on.
  • The exporter's documentation is insufficient.
  • Issues involving the receiving country's import or packing regulations.

If you're having trouble with customs, try the following:

  • Include the buyer/importer in the process. They may be able to assist or at the very least determine what needs to be done to resolve the issue.
  • Include your shipping company in the process. The majority of shippers are responsive to their customers' customs issues.
  • Involve your insurance company in the process.
  • Make an appointment with the foreign customs office.

Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA)

Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is Nepal's main international gateway for passengers and cargo. TIA Customs has three warehouses, the first of which is used for unclean and held-on-to-load capacity as well as the freedom of belongings. Warehouse No. 2 is used for import payload capacity, while Warehouse No. 3 is used for export payload capacity. 

Custom Clearance with Cargo Nepal

Customers will benefit from Import & Export customs clearance by our professional way, through any Customs Entries/Exits of Nepal, because we offer a wide range of customs clearing programs. Our promise is to clear your shipment on time and deliver it safely to your warehouse. We've been doing custom clearance work for a long time and have a lot of experience.

Through a single source, Cargo Nepal makes managing your global trade activity simple.

Our logistics experts are backed up by a team of licensed customs brokers who make sure your shipments get through customs and across borders as quickly as possible. Our proactive approach and guidance on customs and other government departments' regulations aims to keep you compliant and reduce your risk of penalties.


  • • Entry into India and Nepal with customs clearance
  • • Clearance of shipments by air, ocean, truck, and rail
  • • Expertise in pre-entry and post-entry compliance
  • • Importer Assistance for Non-Resident Importers

In terms of customs clearance data:

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