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Things You Need to Know About Freight Forwarders in Nepal

Things You Need to Know About Freight Forwarders in Nepal

International Freight forwarding is one of the most used methods of international transportation in Nepal. Although Nepal is a landlocked country it has been using India’s Docks for most of the cargo handling. Freight forwarding companies like Cargonepal coordinate the shipment of goods from one destination to another using a range of carriers, including air freight, ocean freight, railway freight and road freight. 

At first freight forwarding looks very complicated but those in the business state that it is just a matter of good management. Here we have compiled a few points so that you have a good understanding of freight forwarders in Nepal and their process. 


A freight forwarder is responsible for the transportation of goods between one destination and another. Freight forwarding companies specialise in arranging the whole process for their shippers, from the storage to the shipping of their merchandise. They act as an intermediary between the shipper and transportation services, liaising with various carriers to negotiate on price and decide on the most economical, reliable and fastest route.

Using a freight forwarder to import and export goods can make the whole process much less stressful. Extremely knowledgeable in the elements of supply chain, freight forwarders can assist on all levels, from the packing and warehouse stages to the customs procedure, taking some of the pressure off you.


Freight forwarders in Nepal can assist with the supply chain process on multiple levels including:

  • Customs Clearance
  • International export and import documentation
  • Insurance
  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Inventory management


Before leaving your goods in the hands of your freight forwarder, you need to ensure that all of the paperwork for transporting your goods is completed. Your freight company will be able to help you with this, but it’s an incredibly important step to reduce the risk of your items not being released from customs or the bank refusing to release your funds – neither of which would be beneficial to your business.

Freight forwarding companies are not responsible for delays in shipping. These delays often occur due to bad weather, breakdown, port delays or unforeseen route changes. Although shipping delays can be frustrating, it is important to remember that it is out of your freight forwarding company’s hands and that they’re trying to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Shipping restrictions 

Freight forwarding companies in Nepal are not allowed to transport some goods. Please consult with Cargonepal about the banned items. These are the items that are not allowed to transport in Nepal via freight forwarders

  • Flammable liquid and toxic items

  • Drugs /  Narcotics 

  • Batteries

  • Fresh vegetables and Fruits

  • Weapons, Sharp objects

Freight Forwarding  stages 

The freight forwarding process can be broken up into six key stages, including:

  1. Export haulage – goods get collected to the freight forwarder’s warehouse.

  2. Export customs clearance – goods receive clearance to leave its country of origin.

  3. Origin handling – the unloading, inspection and validation of the cargo against its booking documents.

  4. Import customs clearance – the customs paperwork for your cargo will be checked by the authorities.

  5. Destination handling – the handling of cargo once it reaches the destination office, including transfer to the import warehouse.

  6. Import haulage – the transfer of cargo from the import warehouse to its final destination.


With freight forwarding comes a lot of paperwork, especially when shipping overseas. Your freight forwarder should provide you with all of the relevant documents, including:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Bill of Lading contract
  • Certificate of origin statement
  • Inspection certificate
  • Export license
  • Export packing list
  • Shipper's export declaration document

It’s essential that all of these documents are provided in order to ensure that your goods reach your customer without any issues arising.

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