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Air Freight Forwarder in Nepal : Everything You Need to Know about Cargo Nepal

Air Freight Forwarder in Nepal : Everything You Need to Know about Cargo Nepal

Thinking about air freight forwarder in Nepal service we mostly think about big airplane carrying cargo in and out from Nepal’s international airport, Tribhuvan International Airport and that is the case for most of the time. But there is domestic cargo service too which will enable to send goods with in the country’s premises in plane via cargo or passenger airplane.

It is easy to assume that air cargo is very expensive as it uses expensive airplane and most of time it is the case. But with right kind of service provider like Cargo Nepal in case of Nepal you actually end of saving a lot on your air cargo service and you also need a plan.

Before starting we shall answer the question, what is an Air Freight Forwarder?

Freight forwarder can be an individual or a company that manages shipment, organizes cargo from starting to finish. It is possible for freight forwarder to not to move cargo physically rather assisting, communicating and managing between all the parties involved during operation of cargo moving. Freight forwarder might operate just in ocean, air or both.

Cargo Nepal is operating on both air and ocean freight service since it started 12 years back and has the best track record of completing the task with in the committed time. But today we are only talking about our air freight forwarding service.

Air freight forwarder like us is dedicated in moving cargo by air transportation like passenger airplane or cargo airplanes. We have 100 of partners with with we are moving large volume of cargo among all over the world which helps us to cut our middle man’s commission and helps us to drive the price down by significance margin. Cargo Nepal has been giving lowest air rates and focusing of value for client rather then quick buck. Our wide range of client base is enough to prove the point.

So why you should Cargo Nepal for your next air cargo, well the reason is very clear. Air cargo is very complicated and highly regulated. For first time sender or importer is can be very daunting due to completing international trade and regulations. We here at cargo Nepal take care of everything for you, we can help you on key freight documents, insurance, customs, delivery chain and all the process that needs to by completed during the shipment. We ensure that cargo is secure and free of any trouble so that is can be delivered in timely manner.

Now with all that good part of an air cargo what about the cost, air shipments are generally associated with expensive mode of shipment well you might be surprised to hear that sometimes is can be cheaper then other medium. The cost of air shipment is calculated by weight while the cost of ocean shipment is calculated by volume. Large and heavy goods are cheaper to send via ocean freight while smaller and lighter goods can be cheaper if you choose air freight.

Cargo Nepal Pvt. ltd is a well established Air Freight Forwarder in Nepal now. With immense safety record, timely delivery, careful handling, custom services we now is one of the most reputed Air Freight Forwarder in Nepal. If you have any queries on Air cargo and air freight services. Please do contact us.

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