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Advantages and disadvantages of Air Freight Services in Context of Nepal

Advantages and disadvantages of Air Freight Services in Context of Nepal

Sending items via mode of air transportation is known as air freight. Althouh air freight has been around for more then 100 years in Nepal it only has been started getting popular among peoples.

Since Nepal does not have direct access to seas it is more appealing then other mode of transportation for international shipment. Although it is very useful it also has some downside which we will discuss here.

Advantages of Air Freight


Air freight and speed go hand in hand. When your cargo needs to be moved quickly air freight is the fastest available solution. Most air freight company can deliver any cargo from Nepal to America or European country with in 1-2 days while the same delivery by sea could take anywhere from 30 to 60 days or even more.

Global reach

Air freight is unique because it can get packages to virtually anywhere. This gives air freight the advantage over other modes of transportation – sea freight can’t drive on land and land freight can’t swim.

Highly accurate ship dates

Unlike other shipping methods, air freight is highly reliable - according to flightstats, in 2016 the late arrival rate was less 15% and flight cancellation rate was less than 2% for top 5 airlines. Cargo that travels via ocean has a huge range in delivery dates. This variability in delivery dates is caused by the loading and unloading time in ports, which can bottleneck due to shortage of space, equipment and machinery, or workforce.

Shipment tracking

Almost all air freight carriers provide online tracking service. Tracking service is becoming more common in land and sea shipping companies too.

Lower risk and costs due to short transit times

Because air freight has very short lead times, chances of goods being spoiled or stolen are very low. Short shipping time makes it possible to deliver perishable goods and valuable goods (like precious metals, jewelry, and banknotes) with far less risk of theft.

Disadvantages of Air Freight


Cost is the biggest downside. Usually, shipping via air freight costs more, relative to the land or sea freight for the same distance. Air freight cost is calculated primarily by weight, while sea and land freight is calculated primarily by volume. You should check with your freight forwarder if you are shipping anything to and fro Nepal.

Size and weight limitation

Planes are relatively small compared to huge ships – this limits of the size and weight of the air freight that can be handled. This is even more problematic if it is not a cargo plane but a passenger plane where goods have the lowest boarding priority – after the passengers and their luggage.

Weather dependent

While weather can cause problems to the ground or sea shipping services, it is a bigger problem for air freight. Airports ground flights during inclement weather conditions, like hurricanes and blizzards.

Clearly, there are far more advantages to the air freight than disadvantages. Like almost every decision in the supply chain, choosing air freight over other methods hinges on a trade-off between the price and quality. The rule of thumb is if you need to quickly deliver something relatively small and don’t mind high prices – choose air freight. If you have plenty of time and would rather save money land or sea freight is the better option.

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